Westfield Leader: As A Small Business Owner Myself

WESTFIELDLEADERLOGO1000PX.pngTwo weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Aisha Hale at a meet and greet. Aisha was warm and a little shy. It took her an hour to mention to me that she had just opened a busi- ness in Westfield, located on the traf- fic circle. It’s an eco-friendly beauty salon called “Dirt,” which offers chemical-free manicures, pedicures and other services. Knowing so many friends and neighbors to be holistic minded, I immediately wanted to in- troduce Aisha to Westfield. We de- cided on the spot to host a meet and greet at her location.

It was a natural choice to partner with Amanda from Fettle and Fare – a little gem serving up organic offer- ings, located in the old Dominos lo- cation on West Broad Street. Further enhancing the experience, special- ties like scones and cucumber-mint sandwiches were to be featured by Mullberry House, a tea shop on Westfield Avenue.

Highlighting these three South Side businesses on one lovely evening, we invited the public to mingle and sample products. 

As an active member in our com- munity and a small business owner myself, it is always my instinct to connect local businesses to the par- ticular residents they would appeal to. During my employment at Trader Joe’s, I wrote a proposal coordinat- ing tours with the local South Avenue Weight Watchers. This was an initia- tive long sought by both companies, and I was thrilled to pair my Trader Joe’s product knowledge with my program knowledge to bring this idea to fruition. It was exciting for me to serve our community by enhancing Weight Watchers members’ success on plan, while at the same time intro- ducing a new customer base to Trader Joe’s.

During my years there, I coordi- nated events with local clothing shops to host fashion shows, held book signings with local cookbook author Susan Greeley and invited Savory Spice of East Broad Street to speak directly to members and bring samples to the center.

My genuine involvement in the community provides an up close, per- sonal view into the needs and wants of our residents. As your candidate for Town Council, I see limitless pos- sibilities for promotion. It is how I’ve always approached Westfield as a citizen – hosting regular new busi- ness open houses, pairing two or three new businesses at a time and inviting the public – things that are good for the community at large. It welcomes the engagement of our residents to actively participate in the success of our local entrepreneurs. I would en- thusiastically work with the commu- nity, local businesses and the Down- town Westfield Corporation to cross- promote business and create a culture of collaboration.

For these reasons, I ask for your vote on November 7 to represent the 4th Ward on the Westfield Town Council.

Dawn Mackey Candidate For W4 Westfield Council

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