TAPintoWestfield: Rising Seniors Join 4th Ward Candidate Dawn Mackey at ‘Enchanted’ Community Event

On Sunday, June 25, Dawn Mackey hosted a family event at the Westfield Community Center on 558 West Broad St. Led by several volunteers dressed as glamorous princesses and superheroes, the event allowed the community to be fully immersed in an afternoon of fun and excitement. Other rising seniors at Westfield High School participated in the event set-up, decorating and activity tables. From giving out superhero temporary tattoos to painting fingernails, volunteers played a pivotal role in the event’s success and the community engagement.

Magic floated through the air as princesses gracefully twirled with the 4th Ward’s youngest and waved glimmering wands, but this was no fairytale; the real magic lay within the dedication of the volunteers and their involvement in their community. The great amount of civic engagement cultivated by volunteers was incredibly important to Mackey.

“I love that young people are … engaged and devoting their time to interact with residents,” Mackey said.

The event gave community members an opportunity to bond, unwind and spend time together as a collective family. Moments that an entire community can come together in the same place are rare, and Mackey hopes to change that.

“Including everyone of all ages in the community in events and conversations is an instrumental part of my leadership plan,” Mackey explained. She is dedicated to creating a culture of openness and inclusivity.

Mackey’s passion for inclusion was illustrated in the fact that she was able to discuss concerns of residents all day while volunteers worked together to smoothly run the event. Listening to the concerns of all Ward members is paramount to Mackey’s mission and having an opportunity to do so at this event is another reason to celebrate its success.

It is also no surprise that the event was held at the Westfield Community Center. Built in the heart of Ward 4, the Community Center served as the perfect location for Mackey, as she wanted to ensure that the event would be accessible to all families. The Community Center has been a central part of residents’ lives since its inception in 1941 and still serves as the pinnacle of community involvement today. Mackey hopes that hosting this event at the center will bring more awareness of its importance and amazing services.

All in all, the day, filled with fun from fairytale characters, was also pervaded with real life magic resulting from the work of passionate volunteers. This enthusiasm will set the tone for the rest of Mackey’s efforts.

“Interacting with youth and speaking with members of the Westfield community was a rewarding part of this event”, Mackey reflected. “This was truly an enchanting experience and I look forward to more opportunities and exciting discussions with all of you.”



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