TAPinto Westfield: Even More of a Positive Impact

tapintologo-2.pngBy DANIEL R. ENGORON
October 28, 2017 at 4:59 PM

To the Editor:

I am thrilled to be able to lend my support to 4th Ward resident Dawn Mackey for a seat on Westfield’s town council.

Dawn is a brilliant, tireless worker on behalf of her constituency, and she gets things done. Quickly. Collaboratively. Innovatively. I know because we have been colleagues for more than 20 years.

I am a vice president at a major title insurance company that focuses on commercial real estate transactions, and Dawn has been both an outstanding co-worker and a terrific advocate for our workers.

One example: When our profession was threatened with job losses from a transformative online system, it was Dawn who took the lead in making sure that civic leaders addressed worker concerns. She created a professional association, took measure of the disparate views and answers of its members and made a remarkably cogent presentation to elected and appointed government officials. It had a tremendous impact on everyone there. That’s Dawn: make a team, build consensus and speak to decision makers.

Dawn is also the consummate volunteer. It’s no surprise to me that she can be found chairing school committees during the week, selling pretzels at flag football games on weekends, and collecting for coat and food drives on any given day. That spirit of serving and giving back to her adored Westfield is an important component of who Dawn is as a 4th Ward resident. And she accomplishes all this while raising her kids, having a career as a commercial title examiner, and owning and running a local business (which informs her daily regarding the needs of small businesses).

It should be noted that, at a time of national flux, Dawn is answering the call for local citizens to stand up and serve. In this way, she can make even more of a positive impact. It is said that all politics is local, and Dawn knows what Westfield residents want: filling downtown storefronts with vibrant businesses; keeping property taxes fair and affordable; maintaining top schools and parks; making downtown parking easier and less punitive; expanding one-seat rides to Penn Station New York; and, yes, expediting the paving of roads.

The issues are the same in the town where I live. The difference is that you have Dawn with her amazing energy and ideas to move these quality of life matters forward. On Nov. 7, take advantage of this tremendous opportunity: Vote Dawn Mackey for 4th ward town council member.

Daniel R. Engoron

East Hills, NY

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