TAPinto Westfield: Mackey is Who We Need in Ward 4

tapintologo-2.pngBy ASHLEY PAGELOW
October 27, 2017 at 1:44 PM

To the editor:

I am writing to formally endorse Dawn Mackey for Town Council in Ward 4. After a tumultuous national election cycle, I had initially decided to throw my hat in the ring and run for office in Westfield. I have two young children, which made the prospect of running a campaign a daunting one. However, I felt it was important to step forward to run, as too often in Westfield, seats have gone uncontested. I was conflicted, but I didn’t know of other candidates. At the time, I asked myself, “if not me, then who?” Before long, I was introduced to Dawn and realized that she was that “who.” I gladly stepped aside and concentrated my efforts on supporting Dawn’s campaign.

I met Dawn in person at a campaign kickoff get-together at a neighbor’s house. I was immediately impressed. Dawn had been civically engaged for many years through community and volunteer efforts here in Westfield, and before that in Hoboken. This past May, after learning that a grant was available for replanting trees that were lost in Hurricane Sandy, Dawn took the initiative by contacting her neighbors who had lost trees on their properties. Grant funds were used to plant trees by these homes. This is just one example of Dawn’s innate sense of community and her willingness to reach out to share her knowledge for everyone’s benefit. Dawn is a deeply caring person — someone who will openly share her own thoughts, but who is also receptive to the opinion of others.

Over the years, Dawn has worn many hats and is able to draw upon her experiences as a title examiner, a small business owner, a parent and a neighbor to understand our community’s needs and develop solutions to meet those needs. What most impresses me most about Dawn is her boundless energy, openness, generosity of spirit and willingness to reach across the aisle to engage residents and even candidates from the opposing party. More than once I have seen Dawn introduce herself to candidates or constituents who seemed to be avoiding eye contact with her. When I asked her why, she simply stated that once the election is over, we will still be neighbors and will have to work together. I could not be more excited to vote for Dawn. I urge you to meet her; I am sure you will feel the same. Dawn is the answer to the question of who we need to make Westfield the best that it can be.

Ashley Pagelow

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