TAPInto Westfield: The Next Step for Ward 4

September 27, 2017 at 10:00 PM

tapintologo-2.pngDear Editor,

Recently our Ward 4 Councilman touted an initiative by the town to plant trees.This initiative has been in effect since 2016, yet only now, weeks before an election, are Ward 4 residents being asked if they would like a tree planted on their property. I wonder where this call to action was as the plan unfolded in 2016. Or at the beginning of each subsequent planting season.

My neighbor, Dawn Mackey, first learned of this tree planting initiative by speaking with a DPW worker planting a tree on Hazel Avenue. Since this street had lost many trees during Superstorm Sandy, she inquired about the process. Dawn then personally reached out to those of us who had either lost trees during the storm or were without them in the first place.

She knocked on doors, took names, addresses and types of trees preferred and coordinated the effort with the DPW. When other neighbors on adjoining blocks saw our new trees they asked to be a part of the effort, too. Dawn collected and coordinated the same information for even more of us for another round of planting. Dawn wrote a letter to the editor of The Westfield Leader to commend the DPW on their responsiveness.

Dawn Mackey did this as our neighbor. This is how she approaches community. She sees a need, identifies an opportunity and proactively leads the way.

Imagine what she could do as your councilwoman

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