TAPInto Westfield: We Have a Strong Consensus and Our Priorities Are Clear


Since announcing my candidacy, I'm excited to say I’ve spent nights and weekends knocking on doors so I could learn what matters most to you.

As a 12-year resident of Ward 4, I knew what was important to me and my family. As a candidate, though, I felt it was important to determine if my concerns were in alignment with yours. And what I learned is, overwhelmingly they are and the issues for people here in Ward 4 are consistent. Neighbors are dismayed by the decades-old potholes, concerned about teardowns, pedestrian safety and the direction of our beloved downtown.

The good news is, we have a strong consensus and our priorities are clear.

I met with experts from neighboring municipalities who have logical and productive solutions in place, we can improve our process by utilizing the best practices of theirs.

We will prioritize representation of Ward 4 on the planning board, and impact studies to assess the long term affects the teardown process has on our neighborhood and schools. Currently, Ward 4 is disproportionately affected by teardowns in Westfield.

It's important for our town government to prioritize the identification of pedestrian danger zones and implement solutions such as lighting, traffic management and ensure optimal safety for our kids walking to school, as well as residents and visitors taking advantage of everything our town has to offer.

I’m a small business owner and a commercial title examiner. And when my company needed someone to advocate to the New York City Council, they sent me. I’ve been down to Trenton to fight on behalf of Westfield schools, and I’ll go back again and again if necessary. When I see a problem, I work to solve it.

I will use my business experience and ability to connect people to foster a stronger relationship between landlords and prospective tenants. Our goal should not be merely filling empty storefronts, but to facilitate a path to success for the people investing in our town with their businesses.

This is why I need your vote this Nov. 7. I will make sure our voices are heard, because together we can make it happen.

For information on where and how to vote in Westfield, Click Here.

For continuing information and to contact me directly please visit: mackeyforwestfield.com and facebook.com/mackeyforwestfield

Contact me: dawn@mackeyforwestfield.com

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