TAPinto Westfield: 'What is Shelley Brindle Like to Work With?'

tapintologo-2.pngWestfield friends and neighbors,

Running for local office is a new experience for me. There have been many surprises along the way.

As an entrenched member of our community I am used to (and love) running into residents all over town. The greetings have shifted from “Will I see you at the game?” and “How are the twins?” to “What will you guys do about downtown?” and “How is Shelley to work with?”

Most recently, during a routine dermatologist appointment, I was reminded once again how exposed we are as candidates when, during the exam, my doctor inquired about Shelley Brindle. It made me realize that when I see people, they want to hear my personal opinion on our mayoral candidate. It made me decide to write this letter, for anyone who may be wondering what my thoughts are.

You may not know that I had never met Shelley until we both declared our interest in running for office. As a longstanding supporter of the Washington School Show, I was familiar with Shelley’s husband Kip, who often took on memorable roles in the shows. He was, and is, a hometown celebrity.

I read Shelley’s bio, and – let’s face it – it’s impressive. And perhaps, to some, even intimidating. But still, I didn’t KNOW her. Then we spent some time together, sitting in a room, all five candidates, discussing our reasons for running and what we hoped we could accomplish. In that moment, I knew I was in the right place, at the right time. We had five people in who were in agreement — We all loved Westfield. We all saw similar areas that needed attention, and we all wanted to be a part of the solution

It took months for us all to really get to know each other. Each of us with school-aged children, jobs and the task of trying to establish ourselves as candidates. During the days I canvassed with Shelley, I learned more about her as a person. Every time, Shelley would ask, “How is your family holding up?”

I’ve watched Shelley engage local business owners and community members. I’ve watched her actively seek the expertise of industry leaders, and consult with numerous mayors of thriving neighboring towns. Shelley seeks knowledge, answers and a path to the vision Westfield needs. I am privy to how tirelessly she is working behind the scenes, and how accessible she is to team members and interns. I know her commitment, sacrifice and dedication to our town.

Someone asked me once about Shelley’s ego. And that startled me, because it isn’t anything I’ve had to consider in my time working alongside her. This woman walked away from a very public career, at the pinnacle of her success. She mentored and cultivated a succession plan, as visionary and confident leaders do. She has the credentials to do almost anything she wants with her “second chapter,” as she calls it, and has chosen to devote herself to public service. That is to me equally as impressive as her outstanding professional achievements

Back to the question I started with: “How is Shelley to work with?” She is strong. Sometimes tough. Always fair. She is quick, smart and funny. Self-deprecating, inclusive and inspirational. Her passion, her forward thinking and unquestionable leadership make me very enthusiastic about this election.

As a Ward 4 council candidate I am honored to share the ticket with Shelley Brindle. As a Westfield resident, I am excited to vote for her. If you haven’t had the chance to meet her in person, please watch her video. I am certain that once you hear her vision for Westfield and her plan to execute that vision, you will share my enthusiasm.

Dawn Mackey

Westfield resident

Ward 4 council candidate

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