Westfield Leader: South Side Businesses

WESTFIELDLEADERLOGO1000PX.pngFor the past six months, I have had the privilege of meeting many of my Fourth W ard neighbors, either while knocking on doors canvassing, or during our many meet and greets. During my conversa- tions with these residents, consistent con- cerns regarding the perceived neglect of the south side business district were brought to my attention. Concerns such as: Why is our south side so shabby? Why can’t we have a great north side and a great south side? Why don’t south side businesses seem to get the same support as north side businesses?

Indeed? These are valid questions. Many south side businesses mirror these con- cerns and express frustration, feel “ig- nored” and like “second-class citizens” compared to their north side counterparts.

As a resident and a candidate, I firmly believe a thriving south side is essential to a thriving north side. W estfield’ s down- town area should encompass the entire business district. If evidence is needed, one only needs to look as far as Cranford’ s south side for a well-executed example. Anchored by Starbucks and Pastosa, South Avenue in Cranford has become a “destination location,” not just for Cranford residents but for people living in other towns, including Westfield.

In fact, many of our own 4th Ward families have confided in me that on the weekends they head straight to Cranford for the restaurant selection, the vibe and the easier parking. With half of Westfield’s homes situated on the south side, as well as the high school and numerous sports fields, there is an abundance of potential for success if intelligently developed.

I vigorously support the creation of a new master plan for W estfield’ s down- town. Shelly Brindle and I agree – a robust south side is essential to the rejuvenation of the north side. As your councilwoman I will work passionately to advocate for a plan that addresses the core problems plaguing our downtown today while re- imagining a vision for our south side.

Dawn Mackey Candidate for Westfield Ward 4

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